Let’s Talk Tuesday: Phone Safety

It’s that time again, Dinos! Let’s talk phone safety today. It seems like kids are getting phones at a younger and younger age. I know personally, my 2nd grader has an old phone of ours that no longer works as a phone, but he can use it to play games on. He also has an iPad that only works on wifi and we monitor what he is doing on it, including who he is allowed to text (namely his parents, grandparents, and one cousin).  But earlier this month, during Parent Orientation at the school, I attended the bullying class put on by the police officer who works for our schools, and she said something that kind of shocked me. It wasn’t even about bullying; she just mentioned in passing that it is common for kids as young as 10-years old to be sexting! She’s seen it personally. 10-years old – that could be our 4th graders here at Dodd. I guess it never crossed my mind that kids that young would be doing something like that.  My son is still in that phase of girls are yucky and he only wants to play with boys, so I always think of sexting as something I should worry about when he’s a teenager, not when he’s in elementary or middle school.  But, apparently it’s something I should start thinking about now.

I found this great guide here on how to tell if your child is ready for a phone and what kind of conversations to have with him/her about it when he/she is.  Every family is different with their phone needs, but it is never too early to start thinking about how to handle that conversation. Especially if you have a child like mine who frequently asks when he will be old enough to get his own phone.

This is going to wrap up our safety and technology month.  Stay tuned next Tuesday for our next topic.  I’m thinking something fall and Halloween related 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

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