Who wants to see Ms. Duvall and Mrs. Branch ride dinosaurs to school on October 16?


I bet all of our kiddos would!  And I have a feeling Ms. Duvall and Mrs. Branch are looking forward to it as well.  So, how can YOU help make this happen? By joining PTA.  Our goal is 350 new and returning members by October 15th, and there are three ways you can help us reach it.
1.  joinpta.org: This is a quick and easy way to sign up for our PTA.  Just go to http://www.joinpta.org, choose Wylie ISD, and then Dodd Elementary, fill out the information, pay the $8.00 per member dues with your credit card and you are done!  This is a great way to get all those grandparents and other family members that want to support our kiddos through PTA to sign up – just send them the link!
2.  Wylie Matey membership form:  If you want to join more than one local PTA, the Wylie Matey membership form can be found here –  Wylie Matey Form.  With this form you can join multiple schools, or all of them!  Just fill out the form, print it off, and mail it to Monica Munoz at the address listed on the form, along with a check.  For more information on the Wylie Matey program, email: 3vpmembership@ptawyliecouncil.com.
3.  Dodd PTA membership form:  If you only want to join Dodd’s PTA, our PTA membership form can be found here – Dodd PTA form.  Just print it off, fill it out and return it to your student’s teacher along with a check for $8.00 per member.
If you have any questions about becoming a member, please feel free to reach out to us by leaving a comment below or emailing Laura Cornstubble at lcornstubble@pfsweb.com.  Let’s help make riding dinosaurs to school a reality for Ms. Duvall and Mrs. Branch!

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